5 Tips To Avoid Getting Banned on OldSchool RuneScape

Kyle (@Fagexosrs) | Twitter
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Have you been banned from OldSchool RuneScape for macroing before? It’s always a sad feeling when Jagex decides to bring down the ban hammer on your favourite account. Today I want to share with you five tips that you can use straight away to reduce the likelihood of getting banned and get more out of your bots.

Disclaimer: I don’t GUARANTEE that by using these tips your account will not get banned, but they should definitely help you blend in and avoid detection.

Tip 1. Don’t Use The Default Character Look

Macro | Dark Runescape Wiki | Fandom
If it looks like a bot...

A lot of people when they first get into botting decide to create a new account, and in their excitement to get started neglect setting up their character as a real person would. If you look like the above, that’s already a massive red flag and you run the risk of players reporting you straight from Tutorial Island. Spice it up a little, pick a nice outfit for your bots.

Tip 2. Don’t Bot For Extended Periods Of Time

Oak clock - OSRS Wiki
A clock in OSRS

Likely the reason you’re looking at bots in the first place is because the repetitive nature of the game makes things boring quickly. Nobody likes to spend hours chopping and dropping willows to get your levels up. Especially not without taking any breaks. Given that, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine how obvious it is when your bot is banging out hours of boring activities without stopping or even switching things up a bit. Make sure your bot takes regular breaks!

Tip 3. Vary Your Activities, Bot Different Things

Mining - OSRS Wiki
A player is Mining

Stop. Botting. The. Same. Thing. I’ve talked to loads of people complaining about getting banned, and whenever I ask them what the were botting the answer is always one thing for days on end. If your account comes straight from Tutorial Island, and dives straight into training Woodcutting for days in a row without exploring any other game content, that’s a pretty good indicator that you’re a bot. Switch up your scripts, train different things, and maybe play legit sometimes so that if you imagine a logbook of your account activities it looks varied and legit.

Tip 4. Do Quests And Other Types Of Content

Vampyre Slayer - OSRS Wiki
Completed the Vampyre Slayer quest, nice!

Yes, quests are long and tedious, and not widely botted. That’s exactly why you should be doing them. You want to do activities that other people botting aren’t doing and what better than quests, castle wars, and other types of content that don’t directly result in XP gains or GP gains. Too much efficiency and not enough “fun” will look suspicious.

Tip 5. Engage In Social Activities

Runescape Through Adulthood 1: Are Dating and OSRS Compatible?
A person chatting in-game

Broadly speaking, bots never interact with other players in the game. This in itself makes them suspicious. Humans are social creatures. Join a clan chat, talk to and engage with people around you every now and then. Try to be human.