Using iFighter to train Combat Stats in OldSchool RuneScape

In one of our previous posts we listed some options for combat scripts you can use on OldSchool RuneScape. Combat scripts allow you to level up your Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged and Magic stats with ease. Usually they allow you to configure the monster you want to attack, the attack method, which foods to eat, what items to loot and where to bank.

Today we're letting you know how you can use iFighter (available on the PowBot client) to increase your Combat stats in OSRS. If you don't already have PowBot you can get it at - simply sign up for an account on the forum and download the launcher and you're good to go.

First you have to start the PowBot clien. Run the launcher you've downloaded from the website. Upon starting it should open up the RuneScape game client.

After logging into OSRS, locate the monster you wish to fight and start the script.

In my case, I'm going to fight goblins

From here I start the script and it has found the nearby goblins already.

Simply select the goblins from the list and hit "Add >"

Then, NPC's Within: this is how large an area do you want to kill the goblins, it's currently set to 5, which you can see on the minimap by the white circle, isn't very large.

So I've increased it to 12 as this now covers more goblins.

If you wanted to bank loot, or alternatively restock on food or potions head over to the bank tab.

Here you'll see 2 tick boxes, after selecting your desired options, if banking, you'll currently need to record a path to the bank (This should hopefully soon be replaced with the in development web walker). Simply hit 'Start Record Path' then walk to the bank of your choice and hit 'Stop Record Path'.

If you are wanting to loot items over a certain value, or indeed specific items, head over to the loot tab.

Again, select any options that may apply to you. Where entering item names, they should be in the format below item1,item2,item3 etc; Big bones,Runite ore,Ranarr seed. Not that there are no spaces before/after the comma separators.

If you have a spec weapon which you'd like to use, like an sgs or blowpipe to heal or a dds for extra damage output tick the special attack box and then fill out how much spec is required and what the weapon is you'd like to use as it can be in your inventory, or worn.

If like me, you have low health, you might want some food or potions to help keep you alive.

You guessed it, fill out the settings with your desired choices.

However you may notice that the pots to use, has 3 boxes. This allows for a super set to be used (att, str, def) however most commonly these days people just use attack potions.

If you find yourself fighting something which may deal a lot of damage, or you're a low defence account, you might want to use protection prayers

On the pray tab, you get the choice of what prottection to use, how many prayer potions to restock with and when to restor your prayer.

And lastly, this script allows you to save the settings for quick starting next time around.

Simply hit the save settings button and it'll populate the previous profiles drop down

Next time you start, and want to use the same settings, just navigate to the load/save tab and select your npc from the drop down.